The Craic & Blonde

Why did you decide to start The Craic & Blonde?

I was inspired to share the taste of Haiti while living in Ireland - my friends there really enjoyed the traditional dishes I made. I also used these moments as opportunities to share my culture. So one of the objectives of The Craic & Blonde is to raise awareness of the Haitian culture using food as the most convenient gateway. I decided to launch the business with pikliz (pick-lese) because this is the most celebrated condiment in our culture. It's a combination of pickled vegetables and habanero peppers, and we use it to give a boost of flavor and heat to our meals.

What are some ways to use pikliz?

On everything! Pikliz is truly excellent on all things savory: rice and beans, all proteins, avocados. A seasonal favorite is with grilled meats, particularly hot dogs and burgers. A comforting option is pikliz inside a grilled cheese with a bowl of tomato soup. And, oysters are simply phenomenal with pikliz!   

What Boston-area maker(s) do you admire?

Jim Koch of the Boston Beer Company. The history, passion, and philanthropic efforts are all very admirable.

Any advice for someone looking to start their own business?

Don't be discouraged by rejection. In fact, make rejection a part of how you grow your business. There will always be a lesson learned that can be applied to your business in some way.

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What is something most people don't know about The Craic and Blonde?

Although The Craic & Blonde is only 15 months young, there have been some amazing opportunities to engage in different communities through charitable donations. That's really important to me; I'm looking forward to being able to give large donations to efforts that make lasting impacts. 

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