Why did you decide to start Studdly?

My decision to begin Studdly came from the supportive people in my life. I fell in love with making jewelry in the spring of 2012 while studying abroad in Florence. When I came home and no longer had access to a studio, I learned craft jewelry skills by working as an assistant for an artisan jeweler in Buffalo, NY. I started to experiment combining friendship bracelets with leather and studs to give away as gifts. By the spring of 2013, my friends had convinced me to find a way to sell them, and the rest is history.

What Boston area maker(s) do you admire?

I recently discovered Shit that I Knit, by Christina Fagan and I truly admire the leap she has recently taken to bring her business into a full time operation. Only a couple years older than I am, Christina has really reminded me that I can take my business to the next level with hard work and a good sense of humor. I also admire Krissy Price, the owner at Pollen Floral Design. Her floral arrangements are beyond beautiful and she captures them so well on her Instagram.

What inspires you and drives your motivation in your day to day?

I think a lot of my inspiration comes from my parents. They're physicians, so they're constantly helping people. They've taught me how hard I have to keep working if I ever want to give back as much as they have. Although I didn't choose the same career path that they have, I still hope to make a beneficial difference to this world as they have.  They've been nothing but supportive of my choice to study graphic design, and eventually launch my jewelry business. 

What is something most people don't know about Studdly?

I feel like there are a lot of things people don't know about Studdly. One of the main things I try to explain to new customers is that my specialty bracelets are hand-embroidered. I also think people assume my company includes a team of people, but at this point in time, I'm the only one who takes care of every aspect of the business, including photography, design, production, marketing, and finances. Lastly, I think people are usually surprised when hearing that I'm only 22 years old (well, almost 23!).

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