Soy Much Brighter

Why did you decide to start Soy Much Brighter? 
Over the course of the last couple of years, I have immersed myself into a world of healthy, vegan, sustainable, and conscious living. It started out with what I was eating, then with what I was putting on my skin, then with the products that I use around the house. I've always been a serial candle lover. Certain aromas bring me great peace and relaxation when needed. Digging into the research on what paraffin candles (a typical mainstream candle) were made of, had me appalled! All of the gross chemicals that are used to make paraffin candles are not necessary and are incredibly harmful for the Earth and the air we breathe. Another negative quality is that the wax used in mainstream candles is not sustainable. Paraffin is a non-renewable resource. Combined with the chemicals used to make the candles, they burn out at a high rate, leaving you with no candle, less cash, and yellow walls. Not to mention what they must be doing to our lungs! All of these facts gave me the idea to start making my own healthy candle alternative. My interest and background in art had me thinking that it would be fun to create a label for my candles. I also have a great time thinking up names for the labels of each candle scent. One thing led to another and I eventually decided to start my own candle company. On top of my growing interest in candle making, I was having a hard time dealing with the 9-5 hustle of the regular work week. Sitting in a cubicle wasn't my jam and I knew I couldn't do it forever. So, I took the plunge and went full time with my candle company in July 2015, just 8 months after starting the company. It felt right from the moment I put in my 2-weeks' notice. Now, I get to spend every day creating lovely scented candles for those who need a relaxing aroma in the background of their everyday lives. 

What Boston-area maker(s) do you admire?
I am really into a few potters in the Boston area. One of which is Mud & Yarn. The creator of this little biz makes lovely mugs, jewelry dishes, and pots. She also specializes in crocheted creations. We have even collaborated a bit by filling her pots with my candles!  Michelle Barrett is another ceramic artist that I adore. She makes some beautiful porcelain pieces and paints pretty rad feathers, dandelions, and other designs on her plates and bowls. 

Any advice for someone looking to start their own business?
JUST DO IT. Be willing to hear anyone’s advice, but beware of taking it all to heart. And read as much free information on social media as possible. It will kick start your biz like nothin’ else!

What is something most people don't know about Soy Much Brighter?
I’m about to take Soy Much Brighter on the road across country. I hope to sell my creations in at least one shop in each state of the country. It’s an interesting goal, but I would love to say I accomplished something that large while telling my story and educating people on creating healthier environments for themselves. 

What motivates you in the grind of the day to day?
The future. I have so many goals that I am working towards and I know every move I make will bring me one step closer to obtaining them. The first and biggest of my dreams has already come true with this business. Everything else after this is icing on the cake.  

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I am working hard to gain enough traction in order to open up my own gift shop with a candle-making studio in the back. I’d like to make my product and sell it in the same place along side other handmade artists and makers. I think it’d be cool to host candle-making classes for the neighborhood as well!

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Photo credit: Soy Much Brighter