Pure7 Chocolate

What is something most people don't know about Pure7 Chocolate?
People usually question the name.  Pure is one of our favorite words...just a clean word that perfectly describes our ingredients. We chose the number 7 because we have 7 children between the two families, there were 7 ingredients in our original recipe and we knew each other for 7 years when we started Pure7.  It is a lucky number!

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning Pure7 Chocolate?
The most rewarding part of being the founder and owner of Pure7 Chocolate is knowing that we created and developed a product that we love and watching the business grow. It is so rewarding to have control over the product, the ingredients, the design.  We are very passionate and authentic with what we do and we do not compromise and customers appreciate that.

Why did you choose to base your business in the Boston area?
We always knew that when we started our business that we wanted to convert Julie's barn on her property into our commercial kitchen.  When Pure7 started to take off, we got a loan and made the decision to finally make our dream a reality.  We love the farm community of Carlisle and we love the Boston area! There are so many amazing start up companies here and it is such an innovative area.  Also, the Boston area loves local so it is a great fit for us.


Are there any creative ways customers can use Pure7 Chocolate other than eating it straight from the package?
The possibilities are endless!  You can sprinkle on ice cream, granola, fold into muffins and breads. Cut into chips (although we may be making our own chips soon) and make cookies.  People love to make creative recipes with our chocolate.  We get tagged on social media all of the time with pictures and recipes that people come up with using Pure7.

How is your chocolate different from all of the other chocolate out there?
We are raw and honey-sweetened so we are a Paleo-friendly chocolate. No refined sugars which is a huge hit!  People indulge in chocolate so much now and they do not want refined sugars and junk including fillers and chemicals in their chocolate.  We only have a few ingredients in our chocolate so they all have to be the absolute best!  We work very closely with our suppliers to make sure we are getting the best quality and that our ingredients are organic and fair trade.


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Photo credit: Pure7 Chocolate