What local maker/brand inspires you and why?
I love Lindsay of Hello Hue's artwork. I think she inspires me in part because she is also a stay at home mom that enjoys creating (painting in this case) while her kids are napping or when she gets a free minute. I love that she keeps it real on her Instagram feed and is a great mom who also finds time to paint. I also have followed Merriweather Council's embroidered hoops for a long time, but she is no longer Boston-based and is in Virginia now. 

What do you like most about having your business based out of the Boston area?
I think the Boston area is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is a beautiful destination for tourists to visit, but I feel lucky to call it home. Having the ocean nearby really inspires me and whenever I am feeling in a funk, I'll drive through a coastal town on the North Shore and it helps me out of my rut. Because I work with some shops along the North Shore of Boston it gives me a great excuse to drive by the water whenever I am out visiting a shop.



What inspires you and drives your motivation in your day to day?
I really love that I get to both be home with my kids and do work I love to do. With two young children, sometimes I have to work late in the evening or early in the morning, but I still love the creating process and seeing a product come together so much that I would not give it up if given the option. 


What's the most exciting aspect of owning your own business?
One of my favorite things about running my own business is getting to see people enjoy my products and interacting with customers and shop owners. Most of my time spent working is solitary, which being an introvert, I do love, but I also enjoy getting out of my office and seeing customers at a craft show and getting to know them.


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