Wildes of Port Press

What gave you the push to branch out and start Wildes of Port Press?

I'd wanted to start my own line for a long time and the press I was apprenticing / studio managing was relocating to Maine. They offered to take me with them, but I love Newport so I decided to stay put, buy a press and start my line!

What Boston-area maker(s) do you admire?

Studdly, Harrison + Pike, Hobey, & KJP

Any advice for someone looking to start their own business?

Done is better than perfect. Don't get so caught up in perfection that you stifle yourself. Get your ideas out, you can always refine later.

What is something most people don't know about Wildes of Port Press?

My paper is completely tree-free. For my line I only use 100% cotton stock. Also my press is over 125 years old and doesn't have a motor. Every piece I print is foot-powered!





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Photo Credit: Wildes of Port Press