Monique Aimee

What is something most people don't know about Monique Aimee?

My work is often inspired by nature, and I actually have a collection of animal skulls in my studio that I reference from. I also collect dried flowers, pinecones, and bits of a hornets nest - that are all scattered around my studio.

What do you enjoy about having your business based out of the Boston area?

There are so many opportunities in Boston, and often one leads to another. I really love meeting and connecting with people who are passionate about what they do. Last summer I started doing local markets as a vendor (at the Allston Village Farmers Market) and that has been a great experience that has led to other markets, as well as freelance jobs.

What inspires you and drives your motivation in your day to day?

Seeing other makers hustle! I often look at instagram to fuel my inspiration and see what makers from around the world are creating. 

What Boston area maker(s) do you admire?

Forestbound, Best Dressed Signs, and Union Press. I really admire Forestbound's clean aesthetic and the way she gives new life to vintage textiles. Spotting a signs or mural by Best Dressed Signs is always a treat! Union Press has an amazing letterpress studio space and makes beautiful posters.

What do you listen to / watch when you work?

I currently am watching all seasons of Friends from the beginning. That should last me a while! The music I listen to changes, but I often return to King Tuff, Courtney Barnett, and White Denim.

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Photo Credit: Monique Aimee