Middle Dune

What is something most people don't know about Middle Dune?
Middle Dune is named for my childhood home, on the sandy bluffs of Cape Cod. We lived one dune away from the water and one dune from the road, so we nicknamed the house “middle dune” and it’s a phrase that has stuck with me.

Why did you decide to start Middle Dune?
After college, which was spent staring at my computer, and a short stint in office life, I knew there was something big missing in my life: using my hands. My parents are both artists and I grew up in a creative household, so making is in my blood. And why paper goods? I’ve always been in love with books and book design, and I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the perfect notebook so I figured, why not just make my own? 

What’s your perfect day out in Boston?
I’d have to start with breakfast at Bagelsaurus, before a nice long trip through the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum with it’s great collection and garden. Then, lunch and browsing handmade goods at SoWA, followed by dinner and drinks at Alden & Harlow in Harvard Square. To finish the day, a dusk walk along the Charles with ice cream from Toscanini’s of course.

What drives your motivation in your day to day?
My work is a synthesis of all the amazing visual imagery around us in New England. When I see the beautiful work produced by other local artists, or take a long walk on the beach, or just leaf through an old book, I can’t help but be inspired. That’s what keeps me going, even when I have 30 more books to bind!

What Boston area maker(s) do you admire?
I’m a big fan of Phoebe & Egg, their dolls incredibly gorgeous, and you can tell instantly that they are made with such care and attention to detail. I’ve also been drooling over Hawkhouse’s jewelry a lot recently, so beautiful! I’m also always envious of Union Press when I see their great prints around the Boston area.

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Photo Credit: Middle Dune