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Any advice for someone looking to start their own business?

For me one of the most important things was deciding on the kind of vibe I wanted my products to give and coordinating packages/labels accordingly. It was an easy way to make me feel really polished, and from the very start, buyers have commented on it, so I think it paid off!

What gave you the push to branch out and start Lilac & Moss?

Honestly: what initially started it is that I felt like a boring person! I know a lot of crafty and creative people (my wife is an artist, and her mom sells handmade chocolates, et cetera) and feeling just a little boring in comparison to all the talented people around me is what got me itching to make something. But I chose perfumes in particular because I have sensitivities and can't wear most scented products. It's not a serious condition, but I get a burning, sneezy nose, sometimes headaches, so it's just not enjoyable--but I still like smelling good. I knew from using some other natural products that those scents didn't bother me, so I got the idea to start making my own. I made a few friends and coworkers sniff my experiments, and was delighted to find that the feedback was really good! I felt confident that I could bring some new, unique blends to people.

What is something most people don't know about Lilac & Moss?

Not necessarily about Lilac & Moss but I think a lot of people don't realize what goes into making perfumes! Mainly that it's possible for them to be non-vegetarian/vegan, and that the main ingredient in commercial perfume is alcohol. Lilac & Moss perfumes are cruelty-free in both ingredients and in testing (though, occasionally, one of our cats rolls around on my desk after I've been working, and comes away smelling very nice), and are entirely oil-based.

Do you make custom perfumes?

 I make custom perfume blends and I really enjoy doing them. I'm thrilled to have someone just throw a vague description or a scent of a different product they like at me. There are so, so many possibilities. And I think it's really fun for the customer to get something that is totally, truly "their" signature perfume, too.

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