Kitchen Millie

                                                             What is the Kitchen Millie mantra?                                                                      Have a vision. Be demanding. Whenever possible, keep it simple.

                                                            How did Kitchen Millie get started?                                                                        Each spring in the 90's, my brothers and I would have a lemonade stand at the end of our street. We woke up extra early to bake chocolate chip cookies and make lemonade with our mom. She would only allow us to sell these for 25 cents, so we’d bake the cookies fairly small, about the size of a silver dollar, and called them ‘two-bite cookies’. The cookies were a huge hit, and we’d sell hundreds of them in a day.

Fast forward fifteen years later, as I’m walking around Boston on a warm July day. I was craving a chocolate chip cookie like none other, so I started walking into cafes to find one. The only cookies I could find throughout the city were massive, almost Frisbee sized, 700 calorie beasts of cookies. While it was tasty at the start, by half way through I was feeling sluggish and guilty. Where were all the two-bite cookies?

Kitchen Millie was born. We're transforming a feeling of guilt and regret, to a two-bite delight. Fresh from the oven and never processed, we have a variety of flavors to delight any palette.  

                                                          Why do you love being a Boston area maker?                                                            Everyone we've met in Boston is so generous and willing to help in any way they can! We couldn’t believe the amazing response we had at launch and have been receiving thus far. Boston is a great place to be a local maker because the community appreciates hand made products and the story behind each product. Thanks, Boston!

                          What inspires you?                                            I’m often inspired by things I see in my day to day or conversations I have with people. Whether it be a suggestion to add an espresso cookie to our cookie catalog, incorporate a certain item into our packaging, or a new way of spreading the word about Kitchen Millie – I’m always open to trying new things. The idea to clasp our Millie boxes with a clothespin came from just walking down the street and seeing a clothesline with a few clothespins dangling off.



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Photo Credit: Yin and Yolk, Kitchen Millie