Extras by Alaina

What do you enjoy about having your business based out of the Boston area?
Boston is an incredible city - it reads as large and urban while at the same time feeling very quaint and local, which is the perfect environment in which to be a small business owner. I’m constantly inspired by the history of this place, the appreciation of the homegrown, and the authenticity of its people.


What inspires you and drives your motivation in your day to day?
My cats. Well, to be fair, my cats and my love of my craft. Putting pen to paper knowing the work I’m creating is for someone’s special day, moment, or gift makes my heart so happy and drives me to continue working even when the coffee’s run out.


What is something most people don't know about Extras by Alaina?
The name of my business - Extras by Alaina - came to exist based on three convergent paths crossing:
1. In college, I created an email address for my extra correspondence - anything and everything outside of my personal letters - and aptly named the account “Extras.”
2. ...from this email namesake, my landlord concluded that this was in fact my last name, which led to the labeling my apartment mailbox as “Extras” and dubbing me Alaina Extras by my friends.                                                        3. Lastly, as a Gilmore Girls mega-fan-girl, I wanted my business name to include my first name (a la “Luke’s Diner” “Al’s Pancake World, etc.), so I decided on Extras by Alaina because of the trajectory of the word “extras” in my life via 1. & 2., and because it perfectly summed up the goods I create - the extra-special-extras!

What's the best thing about owning your own business?
I mostly enjoy trusting my artistic intuition and being able to work from home. My studio space is full of light and love, and this space creates the work as much as I do!


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Photo Credit: Extras by Alaina