What's the most creative way you've seen a Cuppow product used?

I once saw, online, a cleverly designed floss dispenser! The person was trying to do away with as much single-use plastic as possible and found that floss containers were almost impossible to omit from the equation. So a lid, jar, bulk floss, and small stabilized blade seemed to work really well and was definitely a lot better looking than the floss dispensers the dentist always sticks you with.

What inspires your team as you design and create new products?

We're aimed at reducing the amount of unnecessary waste that heads to the landfill from our own personal lives and homes. That's it. That's numero uno. If it's not something we would personally use to reduce our impact on the planet - cool idea, but we're not making it. Using this as a driving factor makes everything else so simple! We like to keep it as genuine as possible.

Why did you choose to base your business in the Boston area?

Simple, we already lived here! We're really focused in and out of Somerville but the tightly knit communities of Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/Brookline is what really gave us a great foundation with which we launched our business.

What is something most people don't know about Cuppow?

I like to think we do a good job about getting the word out there ::ahem:: it is MY job to do so :-) but it can be really tough in the always-on insta-news world we live in. People are generally familiar with one of or efforts to build a better business but we think what makes us special is a balance of three specific things:

Our manufacturing is 100% US-based, down to our packaging
5% of our profits go straight to domestic charities
We use recycled materials in place of virgin materials whenever possible

We think that all businesses should incorporate giving back into their business plans, while nonprofits are very effective - support from the private sector can make a big difference quickly! We believe in creating a demand for post consumer and post industrial materials - using new stuff every time something gets made makes no sense. We like to keep everything we do in the USA because we never have to second guess our supply chain, we know that people are treated fairly, and we can trust that any business that we work with in the US adheres to standard regulations for safety and taking care of their employees.

What's one question we should have asked you and what is the answer?

Something about bikes! We love bikes! Or a bad Dad joke. Even though Josh is the only Dad we have a soft spot for so-bad-you-wanna-cringe humor. We always make time to laugh.

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Photo Credit: Cuppow