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What is something most people don't know about Atlantic Saltworks?
We tried our more than 15 water spots along the coast from Newburyport to Nahant, before we settled on Gloucester. The salt from every spot tasted good - each had a unique flavor due to localized trace minerals. But, when it came down to it, we felt strongly that Gloucester water makes the best tasting salt!

What's the most creative way you've seen your sea salt used?
We all have enjoyed what the addition of salt to sweet treats like caramel and chocolate does to our palates. We go a bit further - one of our favorite ways to use our salt is to put it on ice cream! We love a good vanilla bean ice cream topped with a sprinkle of our salt and some local maple syrup. But, the combinations are endless. Try it - so good!

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning Atlantic Saltworks?
The most rewarding aspect of building this business is seeing and hearing the very strong and positive reaction to our salt. It's very gratifying - we pour countless hours and passion into making a great-tasting, quality product for our customers. As anyone can imagine, getting validation on those efforts is a great feeling. We are also very proud to represent the unique city of Gloucester, Mass., - we want to make them proud!

                                                                   What makes your salt different?                                                                    For starters, we are only one of four producers in the world using the process we use to make our light and flaky salt. Secondly, people need to remember that our flaky sea salt should be used to enhance the flavor of whatever you are eating. A little goes a long way. Here in the U.S., we are used to eating food with lots of salt in it, and as a result, flavors are dulled and masked by too much commercial salt. Just a pinch of our all-natural sea salt will make flavors pop - try it!

What local maker/business do you admire and why?
We admire anyone who takes the leap to start their own business, regardless of industry. In the food industry alone, there are thousands of entrepreneurs right here in New England on the same adventure we are. At a bare minimum it takes courage, pride, patience, persistence, intelligence, and a sense of humor to start and sustain a new business. Boston and Bale is a great example - we admire you, too!

What made you want to start Atlantic Saltworks?
We started Atlantic Saltworks after cooking an entire locally sourced meal. The only thing that wasn't local was the salt. We love the ocean, and we also happened to love sea salt. After we boiled our first gallon and salt magically appeared, we were hooked - it's been a great experience ever since!


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