2 Dogs Treats

Why did you decide to start 2 Dogs Treats? 

2 Dogs Treats is a labor of love that grew into a business: We started making simple healthy treats for our two dogs after the treats we had been buying for them for years were suddenly recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. It turned out that many of the treats imported from overseas were making thousands of dogs sick and in some cases, killing them. To be sure that we knew what was in the treats we were giving our boys, how it was made, and where the ingredients came from, we started making our own. That is how 2 Dogs Treats got started.

What is something most people don't know about 2 Dogs Treats?  

Most people do not realize that the 2 Dogs of 2 Dogs Treats are actually two real dogs: we have a puggle, named Riley and a chihuahua mix, named JLo. Most people guess that my husband and I are the 2 Dogs. Lately we have come to embrace it.

What drives your motivation in your day to day?

We are inspired by the local community of dogs and their humans we see everyday. The unconditional love they have for one another and the unbridled joy in their interactions inspire us to provide the best product possible for them.

What Boston area maker(s) do you admire?

We’re a member of The Boston Consumer Product Goods Meetup group and have been fortunate enough to meet and connect with some really inspiring local makers. Companies like Evy Tea, Downeast Cider House, PMS Bites, CogniTea and Perfect Fuel are just a few of these local makers whose passion and creativity really keeps us on top of our game.

What's the best part about owning your own business?

There’s no one else to answer to on what’s best for our customers. besides our customers.

Have you ever tried your own dog treats?
We get asked this a lot at the markets and the answer is yes! 

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Photo Credit: 2 Dogs Treats